19th C. Percussion Whale Harpoon Gun by Grudchos & Eggers
19th C. Percussion Whale Harpoon Gun by Grudchos & Eggers

19th C. Percussion Whale Harpoon Gun by Grudchos & Eggers

A 19th C. Percussion Whale Harpoon Gun by Grudchos & Eggers will sell with Centurion Auctions as part of the October 2015 Firearm Auction. During the 19th C. Whaling was a very prominent industry in the United States, this was especially true for many of the coastal port cities throughout New England. A Whaling rifle such as this is a historical collectible of this industry and period of time.

Produced in about 1850 the rifle

has about a 1 inch bore and measures 40" total length. The rifle is accompanied by a two flued harpoon marked J.T. for James and Thomas Durfee of New Bedford, Mass., a toggle harpoon, and a lance. All of the pieces display beautifully on the custom iron and wood display stand included with the lot.

Estimate: $5,000 - 8,000

The Percussion Whaling Rifle is selling as lot 13367b of Centurion Auctions October 2015 Firearm Auction. The auction is open to the public and everyone is welcome to bid. Bidders may participate and bid by Floor, Telephone, Absentee, and Internet.

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