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Everyone is welcome to bid in our auctions. We hold regular specialized firearm auctions and wartime military memorabilia auctions. Each auction is carefully curated and provides collectors an exceptional offering of firearms and historical wartime military memorabilia. Auctions consist of consigned lifetime firearm and militaria collections from across the country. The auctions provide an excellent conduit by which firearm and wartime militaria collectors can build and expand their collections.

There are a few options when it comes to how you are able to bid. You can choose to use one or a combination of bidding options / mediums. 

For example, you may want to leave some pre-bids ahead of the live auction and then also bid live real-time in the live auction webcast to make certain you are not outbid or to possibly bid on other items in the auction.

It is also important to make certain you review the terms of sale prior to executing bids. You may access the terms of sale directly from the online catalog or the auction detail page. The terms of sale provide important sale specific information. Prior to executing a bid, it is imperative each bidder reviews and understands the terms of sale.

Planning to bid on firearms or accessories, such as magazines? Firearm laws differ by State and local ordnances. Prior to executing a bid, take a moment to make certain the item you plan to bid on is allowed to be legally owned where you reside.

You may bid by any of the following:

- Absentee & Pre-Bids: You are able to leave pre-bids / absentee bids ahead of the Live Web-Cast Auction. This is very useful if you will not be available during the live online auction. We recommend leaving your highest and best bid. All pre-bids will be executed and controlled by the online bidding software. Absentee bids are executed automatically by the software to the increment necessary to win the lot. For Example: if you leave an absentee bid of $3000 on a lot, but in the course of competitive bidding, the lot requires a bid of only $2000 to win, you will win the lot at $2000. We stress, it is important to leave your highest and best bid when leaving absentee bids. Following each auction, we consistently hear from buyers who lose out and wish they had been more aggressive with their absentee bids - please don't let this be you. 

You can leave absentee & pre-bids by accessing the online catalog from the auction sale detail page:

Visit The Upcoming auction schedule. From the auction schedule page, select the auction you are wanting to visit and then select the link to access the online catalog from the auction detail page.

- Live Online (During the Live Auction Web-Cast event): Take a moment to register ahead of the auction. Registration takes only a few moments and doing so ahead of the auction allows you to quickly login and bid at the start of the Live Auction Web-Cast. Please also make certain you set a reminder for the start of the auction. At the scheduled start of the auction, make certain you are logged in to your bidder account and then visit the online catalog. Once on the online catalog, select the blinking text "Enter Live Auction Webcast". This will take you to the Live Web-Cast bidding page where you will be able to bid live. When bidding live, please do not hesitate in hitting the Bid Button. The sale moves quickly, so please bid quickly. Hesitation in executing your bid may cause you to miss out on winning the lot.

You can enter the Live Auction Web-Cast via the online catalog on the auction sale detail page:

Visit The Upcoming auction schedule. From the auction schedule page, select the auction you are wanting to visit and then select the link to access the online catalog from the auction detail page.

- Live by Telephone (During the live auction event): Bidding live by telephone is an excellent method of bidding if you will not have access to the Internet or online catalog while the auction is taking place. Live telephone bids require you schedule them in advance of the auction so that we may assign a phone bidding representative. Your designated phone bidding representative will call you during the live auction and act as your bidding agent to communicate the ask and your bids over the phone. If bidding live by telephone, please make certain you set a reminder and be available to answer your phone. Know, in advance, the amount you plan to bid on any given lot you are bidding by phone. While on the phone with your phone bidding representative, communicate quickly and clearly with the representative. Do not hesitate and avoid delays. Hesitation in communicating your Bid may cause you to miss out on winning the lot. (We do offer the option of providing a "back up bid" which may be executed in the case we cannot reach you by phone for a given lot. A "back up bid" would be executed by your phone bidding representative as an absentee bid in the case they are not able to reach you by phone during the live auction.)

You can submit live telephone bids via our online telephone bid submission page:

Submit Live Telephone Bids

- Floor or In-Person: Floor bidding is available for some, but not all auctions. Visit the sale detail page to see if floor bidding is available. If available it will be listed under the available bidding mediums.

Please contact us if you have any questions on bidding. 

We appreciate you bidding with us and wish you the best of luck in the auction.

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