After The Auction - Next Steps For A Buyer

Thank you for bidding with us. We appreciate your business and hope you enjoyed the auction.

Following the auction, our team must take time to import post-auction data, reconcile & validate the auction, and then generate invoices.

All invoices are sent by email on the next business day following the auction. Once ready, invoices are typically bulk sent in the late afternoon (Eastern Time).

This is a comprehensive buyer resource page, providing guidance & necessary information to complete an auction purchase.

Please review all sections of this page as each provides important / relevant instruction related to your purchase.

**We do not auto-bill credit cards on file with bidding platforms. You must tender payment as per the instructions provided.**

On this page, you will find:

  • Payment instructions
  • Shipping process information
  • Instructions on how to submit an FFL for transfer (in the case you purchased a firearm requiring transfer through a licensed firearm dealer)
  • Instructions on how to request a shipping exception for your invoice or items on your invoice
  • Instructions on scheduling local pick up (if you are planning to pick up in-person)


If you were a successful bidder and do not see your invoice within your email inbox by late afternoon of the next business day, there is a good chance the invoice email may be caught in your spam or junk email folder. This is very common with many email services. If this is the case, please search "Centurion" within your spam or junk folder. This should turn up the invoice email. Please then mark us as a "safe sender" so future emails (hopefully) go to your inbox.

Your actual invoice will be attached to the invoice email as a PDF file.

You've Received Your Invoice

In summary, the process is as follows:
1. Pay your auction invoice.
2. Submit Federal Firearm License (FFL) on which to ship. (This applies only if you purchased a firearm requiring transfer)
3. Once your auction invoice is paid (and where applicable - FFL received), your purchase is released to our shipping department. Please allow up to 14 business days after receipt of cleared invoice payment for purchases to be packed and ready to ship.
4. Shipping or In-Person Pickup: Unless instructed otherwise, we assume all invoices are being shipped.

5. Once your invoice is ready to ship, a shipping label will be generated and you will receive your tracking information by email.

Note: Following payment of your invoice, depending on the number of invoices in queue, shipping may take up to 14 business days. Our shipping department processes as quickly as possible. Following an auction event, hundreds of invoices enter the shipping queue and these take time to properly process and pack. Your patience and understanding is appreciated.

Detailed instructions for each step of the process summary mentioned above. Please read and review each instruction below as each is very important (Payment, Shipping, In-Person Pickup, & Firearm License).

Payment Information:

Please visit our payment information page for detailed payment instructions, which includes the ability to pay your invoice online. We accept cash, check, money order, credit card, and bank wire.

Credit Card Payments -
Be mindful, we do not store credit card data from past payment transactions and we do not auto-bill credit cards stored within your online platform profiles.

All credit card payments will appear as "Centurion Auctions" on your statement.

Pay online at the Payment Information Page

Bank Wire Payments -
Please complete our Payment Inquiry Form and we will email bank wire instructions.

Check / Money Order Payments -
Please complete our Payment Inquiry Form and let us know you are mailing a check or money order.

Shipping / In-Person Pickup Information:

Items Being Shipped -
Items requiring shipment will be shipped by Centurion's in-house shipping department or in some rare instances a 3rd party shipping agent. Although we make best-effort to ship most items in-house - those we consider over-size, fragile, framed or complex may be outsourced to a 3rd party shipping agent.

Once your auction invoice is paid we will either release your items to our in-house shipping department or our designated 3rd party agent. We assume all invoices require shipment. Please notify us if you are wanting to organize your own shipping or in-person pickup.

Transferable firearms will always ship in-house.

If you do not see shipping included on your invoice it is because your items need to be packed, measured, and weighed before shipping may be accurately calculated. If shipping is not included on your invoice, please pay your auction invoice, and you will then receive a separate shipping invoice by email after your items have been packed by the shipping department.

Please allow up to 14 business days after receipt of cleared invoice payment for purchases to be packed and ready to ship. Following an auction, our shipping queue will swell with the influx of many hundreds of invoices. The shipping department processes the invoices as quickly as possible, but each invoice must be individually addressed and properly packed - and this takes time. Your patience and understanding is appreciated.

If your invoice is paid by credit card (merchant transaction) - With the exception of firearms shipping to a licensee (FFL) for transfer, all shipments paid by credit card must ship to the verified billing address of the credit card issuer.

Domestic shipments are sent via USPS, FedEx or UPS. They include tracking, are insured, and require signature.

International shipments are sent via traceable service by USPS, UPS, or DHL. International shipments cannot be insured and are sent at the buyers' risk. It is important to note: We are seeing many international shipments take months in transit with spurious tracking. International transit time and route is beyond our control. Auction Company does not guarantee or assume any responsibility / liability of International shipments. Buyer assumes all risk (loss, financial, and other), responsibility, and liability of International shipments.

Buyers receive tracking by email once their shipping label is generated.

Auction Company must be notified of Domestic Shipping Claims, Damage or Loss within 7 days of receipt. Auction Company assumes no responsibility for lost or damaged items received through post. All shipping Damage / Loss claims must be processed and resolved through the organization by which they were insured. Absolutely no refunds or claims may be submitted beyond 7 days of delivery.

Local Pickup -
Is available by appointment.

Schedule in-person firearm transfer, recertification, and pick up

Schedule in-person pick up of non-transferable firearms, militaria, all other product types

Firearm Transfer Information:
If you purchased a firearm requiring transfer, we cannot release your invoice to shipping until we receive a copy of the FFL on which to ship. Please visit our FFL instruction page for all information on submission of FFL for transfer. You can submit the FFL by email, fax, U.S. Mail, or via the webform.

Please Note: Even if we have shipped firearms to you in the past (and have a firearm license on file with us) - we still require you provide a license on which you would like your current firearm purchase to ship or to confirm shipping to a license provided for a previous purchase. Many of our customers change dealers through whom they transact transfers and thus we do not auto-ship off firearm licenses from past transactions.

Special Shipping Requests, Payment Requests, or Invoice Related Needs:
We understand some buyers may have specific shipping, payment or other requests related to their invoice. You can submit your request online via our customer invoice request page. We will do our best to accommodate.

Thank you for bidding with us. Enjoy your purchase.

We hope to see you back soon in a future auction.

Please contact us if you have any questions.


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