WWII German Party Leader Walther PPK with Capture Documents
WWII German Party Leader Walther PPK with Capture Documents

Party Leader Walther PPK And Capture Documents

WWII German Nazi Party Leader Walther PPK with Capture Documents. All original WWII NSDAP Nazi Party Leader Walther PPK pistol with Political Party Leader single molded bakelite grip is an authorized "bringback" item from U.S. Captain Irvin F. Richman.

Centurion Auctions sold this WWII German Party Leader Walther PPK with Capture Documents for $10,900.

This model PPK was known as the "Honor Weapon of the Political Leaders" and were only presented to high ranking Nazi officers for meritorious service to the NSDAP. The wrap around grip bears the spread-winged eagle perched atop a wreath encircling a swastika, surrounded by impressed checkered pattern. Small crack to top right side of grip, .5 inches in length. Left side of slide is engraved with the Walther banner, Zella-Mehlis (Thuringen) maker mark and RZM stamp. 90 degree safety lever. High polish blue finish, nitro proofed. Vertical serial number on right side of receiver behind trigger assembly, 823112. Original matching magazine with damaged bakelite base, and walther banner. Appropriate high official green leather holster with magazine pouch and double flaps. Sling mount on heal of pistol. Included with Theater Commander capture authorization allowing Irvin F. Richman to retain the pistol as his personal property, after having removed it from Isidone Kaplan, and mail it home to the US. Captain Irvin F. Richman served in North Africa, Sicily, Italy, Normandy and Germany during the second World War, being most renowned for his assistance in the capture of the Dachau concentration camp and the military governor of Tronstein, Bavaria. . Serial Number: 823112. Condition: 97% blue

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