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July 8th 2019
Military Aviation & Wartimes Collectibles Auction - Lifelong Collection of Spencer Rees (Special Collection Sale). Bringing to market the private military collection of Spencer Rees. The Rees collection consists primarily of WWI, WWII, Vietnam & Current Military Aviation & Wartime Collectibles.
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July 18th 2019
Historically Important Military & Wartimes Collectibles Auction of Civil War, Indian Wars, Spanish American War, WWI, WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War, Current & Prior Conflicts.
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July 19th 2019
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Imperial German Gardes Du Corps Enlisted Dress Helmet


The March 26th 2018 Militaria Auction offers a desirable Imperial German Gardes du Corps enlisted dress helmet. The helmet is complete with liner, chinstrap, and cockades. Stamped on the lower rear with the initials GKR and number 88. This particular helmet is a rare find in the market. Military headgear collectors will enjoy seeing this and all of the other wonderful headgear in the auction.

The Gardes du Corps (Regiment der Gardes du Corps), founded in 1740 by Frederick the Great, was the personal bodyguard of the king of Prussia and, after 1871, of the German emperor (in German, the Kaiser). Its first commander was Friedrich von Blumenthal, who died unexpectedly in 1745; his brother Hans von Blumenthal, who, with the other officers of the regiment had won the Pour le Mérite in its first action at the battle of Hohenfriedberg, assumed command in 1747. Hans von Blumenthal was badly wounded leading the regiment in a successful cavalry charge in the battle of Lobositz and had to retire from the military.

Initially, the Regiment was used in part as a training unit for officers as part of a program of expansion of the cavalry. Early officers included the rake and memoirist Friedrich von der Trenck, who described the arduous life of sleep deprivation and physical stress endured by officers, as well as the huge cost of belonging to the unit. Unlike the rest of the Imperial German Army after German unification in 1871, the Garde du Corps was recruited nationally.

Bid now on this Imperial German Gardes du Corps enlisted dress helmet - Lot 28316 of the March 26th 2018 Military & Wartime Collectibles Auction. Bidding is open to floor, live telephone, absentee, and Internet. Eveyone is welcome to register and bid.

Visit the auction details page for sale details, terms, and bidding.

Centurion Auctions is the industry leader in the valuation, marketing, and sale of historically important military collectibles, documents, arms, and firearms. Centurion conducts quarterly speciality auctions in both Firearms and Wartime Military Collectibles. Firearm auctions are focused purely on antique, modern, military firearms, and machine guns. Wartime Military Collectible auctions center on medals, awards, edged weapons, cloth, headgear, uniforms, gear, and the like. Each auction is comprised of consignments from around the globe, to include individuals, dealers, trusts, estates, and life-long collections.

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