WWII M.A.S.H Unit Museum
WWII M.A.S.H Unit Museum

Complete WWII M.A.S.H. Unit Museum - Collection of Peter T. Kirsch M.D.

The WWII M.A.S.H. Unit Museum of Dr. Peter Kirsch will sell as lot 14214 of Centurion Auctions December 2015 Militaria & Arms Auction. This is the most comprehensive and complete WWII era M.A.S.H Unit known to exist. An excellent piece of military history for a museum or avid collector. The lot consists of thousands of pieces, from tents, to equipment and instruments.

In 1943 the concept of moving a full surgical unit to a forward area “collecting station” was instituted. Wounded first went to a Battalion Aid Station and if necessary were transferred to a collecting station a few miles back from the front line. There, triage was carried out and troops were treated and returned to the front line or sent to the rear to division hospitals or medical centers. Unfortunately there were those casualties that were too unstable to move. Hence, a full surgical unit MASH was attached to the collecting station to stabilize these troops too critical to move. In WWII the unit was called a “Mobile Auxiliary Surgical Hospital”. In Korea, the name was changed to “Mobile Army Surgical Hospital” or “M.A.S.H. Unit”, as we know it now. 

Visit the December 2015 Militaria & Arms Auction page or the Online Catalog for more information.

Also being sold, as seperate lots in the sale, are a WWII 1942 Willys US Army Jeep and 1942 Dodge US Army Ambulance which displayed with the WWII M.A.S.H Unit.

Everyone is welcome to participate in the auction. The auction takes place on December 5th 2015 and begins at 4pm Eastern.

Bidding Venues include:

Please contact the gallery with any questions.

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