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Military Aviation & Wartime Collectibles Auction
Spencer Rees Collection
July 8th 2019
Military Aviation & Wartimes Collectibles Auction - Lifelong Collection of Spencer Rees (Special Collection Sale). Bringing to market the private military collection of Spencer Rees. The Rees collection consists primarily of WWI, WWII, Vietnam & Current Military Aviation & Wartime Collectibles.
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Military & Wartime
Collectibles Auction

July 18th 2019
Historically Important Military & Wartimes Collectibles Auction of Civil War, Indian Wars, Spanish American War, WWI, WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War, Current & Prior Conflicts.
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Firearm Auction
July 19th 2019
 Preeminent Firearm Auction of NFA Weapons, Historical Firearms, Modern Firearms, Antique Firearms, Military Firearms including Rifles, Shotguns, Handguns, Revolvers, Flintlock, Percussion, Matchlock & Others
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Presenting The Firearm Collection Of Nick Luetzow

Nick Luetzow | Baghdad 2003

The Firearm Collection of Nick Luetzow is consigned to sell in Centurion's May 2015 Militaria & Firearm Auction. Centurion specializes in the acquisition, marketing, and sale of Firearm Collections. Nick has been an avid shooter since childhood and actively collecting since 1996. Centurion sincerely thanks Nick for the opportunity to bring his Firearm Collection to market. 

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Ford Motor Company Experimental Model 8 Military Helmet

Ford Motor Company Experimental Model 8 Military Helmet

The Ford Motor Company Model 8 Helmet is an experimental military helmet produced for the US Government in 1918. Ford only manufactured about 1300 of this rare experimental military helmet. This helmet carries a rather unique appearance, having a moving metal visor which would cover the face. The interior of the helmet featured a three pad liner system. 

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1916 United States Naval Academy Ring of Rear Admiral Dennis Leo Ryan Discovered While Metal Detecting


1916 United States Naval Academy Graduation Ring belonging to Rear Admiral Dennis Leo Ryan (January 14th, 1894 - February 8, 1966). This ring was discovered by the consignor while metal detecting at Croatan Sound in Manteo, NC. It was buried approximately 4 feet below the sandy surface. The discovery of this ring is a wonderful historical metal detecting find. It is not known how the ring came to be buried at Croatan Sound or just how long it may have sat buried below the earth.

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Conference Room Chair From Hitler's Eagles Nest Taken By General Joseph Harper

Conference Room Chair from the Kehlsteinhaus (Eagle’s Nest) at Obersalzberg in Berchtesgaden

Centurion Auctions will bring to market a rare Conference Room Chair from the Kehlsteinhaus (Eagle’s Nest) at Obersalzberg in Berchtesgaden in the March 2015 Militaria & Firearm Auction. This chair was taken from the Eagles Nest in 1945 by General Joseph "Bud" Harper and was later given by Gen. Harper to Franklin Bloodworth. The chair is consigned by the Bloodworth family and is accompanied by a signed letter from Gen. Harper.

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Pennock Family Militaria, Arms & Ephemera Collection - Spanning 150 Years

Primitive Hall in Chester County Pennsylvania

Although Coatesville Pennsylvania was founded by Moses Coates in 1787, the civic activities and business acumen of the Pennock family forged an everlasting bond, connecting the family to the growth, development, and success of Coatesville and the surrounding area. Throughout Coatesville, many of the historic markers and buildings are associated with the Pennock family.

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Rare WWII German Fallschirmjager Paratrooper Helmet


A Rare WWII German Fallschirmjager Paratrooper Helmet attracts the eye of collectors. This WWII German Paratrooper Helmet was acquired directly from the attic of the estate from the veteran who brought it back following the war. This paratrooper helmet, along with other headgear, edged weapons and firearms were located in a box in the attic, where they most likely sat for the past 60+ years.

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