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September 2019
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Historically Important Military & Wartimes Collectibles Auction of Civil War, Indian Wars, Spanish American War, WWI, WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War, Current & Prior Conflicts. Contact us to consign to sell militaria & wartime collectibles in this auction.

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September 2019
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Preeminent Firearm Auction of NFA Weapons, Historical Firearms, Modern Firearms, Antique Firearms, Military Firearms including Rifles, Shotguns, Handguns, Revolvers, Flintlock, Percussion, Matchlock & Firearm Access. Contact us to consign to sell firearms in this auction.

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WWI US Aviator Archive of Lt. George Perry Sells Beyond Expectations

WWI US Aviator Archive of Lt. George Perry

The Military Archive of WWI Aviator Lt. George Perry, an Observer with the 11th Aero Squadron, will sell as lot 15070 of Centurion's February 2015 Militaria & Firearm Auction. Collector interest in militaria related to WWI has been strong in recent year, especially for named items of Aviators, which are considerably rare. The pre-sale estimate on the Lt. Perry WWI Aviator Archive is $2000 - 5000, although the lot has the potential to exceed expectations.

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Complete WWII M.A.S.H. Unit Museum - Collection of Peter T. Kirsch M.D.

WWII M.A.S.H Unit Museum

The WWII M.A.S.H. Unit Museum of Dr. Peter Kirsch will sell as lot 14214 of Centurion Auctions December 2015 Militaria & Arms Auction. This is the most comprehensive and complete WWII era M.A.S.H Unit known to exist. An excellent piece of military history for a museum or avid collector. The lot consists of thousands of pieces, from tents, to equipment and instruments.

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Excellent Broomhandle Pistol Collection To Sell

An excellent collection of Broomhandle Pistols, including Mauser, Astra, and Shansei will sell in Centurion's October 2015 Militaria & Firearm Auction. Most of the Broomhandles consigned to sell in the October firearm auction are in 95% or better condition

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Battle Of Hampton Roads Merrimac Silver Top Cane

Battle Of Hampton Roads Merrimac Silver Top Cane
A Battle of Hampton Roads Merrimac Silver & Stag Handle Commemorative Cane is offered as lot 13271 of Centurion Auctions October 11th 2015 Militaria & Firearm Auction. This exceptional, finely detailed Battle of Hampton Roads Merrimac Cane is inscribed to the Silver Overlay (over Stag) "Merrimac Sunday, March 9th, 1862."

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19th C. Percussion Whale Harpoon Gun by Grudchos & Eggers

19th C. Percussion Whale Harpoon Gun by Grudchos & Eggers

A 19th C. Percussion Whale Harpoon Gun by Grudchos & Eggers will sell as lot 13367b of Centurion Auctions October 2015 Militaria & Firearm Auction. This is a wonderful Nautical Collectible and is accompanied by a custom made display stand.

This circa 1850 percussion whaling rifle by Grudchos & Eggers New Bedford, Mass

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Fall 2015 Militaria & Firearm Auction | Concentrating on Civil War, WWI & WWII

Militaria & Firearm Auction | Fall 2015
Centurion Auctions is pleased to present the Fall 2015 Militaria & Firearm Auction, concentrating primarily on U.S. Civil War, World War I, and World War II. The public auction takes place on October 11th 2015 and offers 700 lots of militaria, edged weapons, swords, bayonets, uniforms, patches, medals, headgear, hats, helmets, equipment, porcelain, pistols, revolvers, rifles, percussion, flintlocks,

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