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April 28th 2019
Historically Important Military & Wartimes Collectibles Auction of Civil War, Indian Wars, Spanish American War, WWI, WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War, Current & Prior Conflicts. Includes complete deaccession of an extensive private Military Museum (Atlanta, GA)
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May 2nd 2019
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Military & Wartime
Collectibles Auction

June 2019
Historically Important Military & Wartimes Collectibles Auction of Civil War, Indian Wars, WWI, WWII, Vietnam, Current & Prior Worldwide Conflicts. Consisting primarily of the Wartime & Military Aviation Memorabilia of a Private Museum (Sugar Grove, IL)
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Memorabilia of Memphis Belle Command Pilot Col. Robert Morgan To Auction

WWII Distinguished Flying Cross of Colonel Robert Morgan

Memorabilia belonging to Memphis Belle Command Pilot, Colonel Robert Morgan are included in Centurion Auctions December 2015 Militaria & Arms Auction. The memorabilia belonging to Morgan was acquired from his widow, and includes a Distinguished Flying Cross awarded to Morgan,

A couple of pairs of Morgan's Command Pilot Wings of the US Army Air Corps, Morgan's Sterling Silver Pilot Bracelet, AN Archive of Morgan's Papers & Effects, Morgan’s 1960's Bulova Accutron - Astronaut Model Wrist Watch, Portion of the Memphis Belle Landing Gear, and various other items related to Col. Morgan and the Memphis Belle.

Morgan was born July 31st, 1918 in Ashville NC. He went on to attended the Warton School of Business, entered the Army Air Corps in 1940. He is best known for his extensive service as a combat pilot during WWII, where he flew combat missions in both the European and Pacific Theaters.

He is, of course, best remembered for being the Command Pilot of the Famed Memphis Belle, which he sat at the controls of for more than 6 months, flying combat missions throughout the European Theater during WWII. It was the first bomber to fly and complete 25 bombing missions, and return to the United States, without losing a single crew member. This was of course an unheard of accomplishment at a time when so many of the bombers sent on missions were shot down or lost men.

Upon returning to the United States, the Army sent Morgan and the Memphis Belle around the US on a multi-city tour to bolster support for the war effort and sell War Bonds. 

Col. Robert Morgan passed away in Asheville, NC on May 15th 2004 at the age of 85.

Details on the auction lots can be found on the December 15th 2015 Militaria and Arms auction page. The auction is open to everyone, and includes the ability to bid Online, Live By Telephone, Absentee, and from the Floor. Don't miss this exciting opportunity to bid on these rare and desirable pieces of US and WWII history.

The Centurion Team looks forward to bringing Col. Morgan's memorabilia to auction. 

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