Colt Model 1921 .45 ACP Thompson Submachine Gun & Matching Drum Magazine Brings $82,800

Colt model 1921 3-digit serial number .45 ACP Thompson submachine gun with original hardcase and drum magazine having matching serial number brings $82,800 at Centurion. NFA firearms remain in strong demand with collectors as this high-grade Colt model 1921 submachine gun in original FBI blue velvet lined case, and provenance draws heavy bidding.

The lot includes the Colt model 1921 .45 ACP Thompson submachinegun - serial number 398, original FBI velvet lined hardcase, 4 box magazines, 1 drum magazine (with matching serial number 398 to firearm), cleaning rod, and box of cleaning accessories.

Provenance: Research conducted by Roger A. Cox reads: "Nov 25, 1986 Research into Auto Ordnance records indicates the following information on 1921 Thompson No. 398. 1921 Thompson No. 398 was sold as a 21A (without compensator) to the Anaconda Copper Mines, Butte Montana, shipped to the attention of William D. Daly, manager, on May 12, 1921. It was sold by Auto Ordnance salesman A.B. Gray directly from Auto Ordnance, New York, New York..." The 1921 Thompson No.398 was then traded to the Montana Police Department in 1977 for two .223 Rem. AR-15s, serial numbers: "SP66521" & "SP50470."

NOTE: This item is registered with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco Firearms and Explosives, as a National Firearms Act (NFA) weapon. It is fully transferable on an ATF Form 3 or Form 4. It is subject to the provisions of BATF NFA United States Code.

Sold as lot 47363 in the January 2020 NFA Firearm Auction with Centurion Auctions.

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