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Military & Wartime Collectibles
- March 26th 2018 -

Military Wartime Collectible Auction March 26 2018
Headgear, Edged Weapons, Uniforms, Cloth, Awards, Medals, Documents & Photos

Firearms / Guns & Related Items 
- April 2018 -
Class III Machine Guns, Modern & Antique - Pistols, Rifles, Revolvers, Military Firearms
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Upcoming Military Collectibles & Firearm Auctions

Upcoming Military Collectibles & Firearm Auctions

Buy militaia and firearms with Centurion Auctions: Bid with us by floor, telephone, absentee or Internet in our next auction. We offer a regular schedule of military collectible and firearm auctions. Everyone is welcome to bid in our auctions.

Firearms include: antique, military and modern arms: revolvers, pistols, handguns, shotguns, rifles, flintlocks, black powder and percussion.

Militaria sold at auction include: memorabilia from all eras, conflicts / wars and countries: swords, bayonets, daggers, knives, uniforms, medals, awards, patches, flags, photographs, documents & autographs, helmets, hats, propaganda items, gear, posters and unique items of importance.

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11:00 AM
MILITARY COLLECTIBLES AUCTION - Civil War, Indian Wars, WWI, WWII Centurion Auctions | Tallahassee Florida Gallery Tallahassee Upcoming Military Collectibles & Firearm Auctions

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