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Rare Robert E. Lee Signed Matthew Brady Photograph From Campbell Tarr Estate

Robert E. Lee Signed Matthew Brady Photograph

A Robert E. Lee Signed Matthew Brady Photograph will sell as lot 12034 of Centurion Auctions May 29th, 2015 Militaria & Firearm Auction. This original Matthew Brady & Co photo signed R E Lee (Robert E. Lee) below the photo in the lower right in iron gall ink. The photo was taken April 16th 1865 at Lee's home in Richmond. 

Lee is pictured with his son George Washington Custis Lee, and aide Walter Taylor. The photograph is set in a Period frame measuring 14x16". The Lee photo image size is 7.5x9".

Provenance: Originally the property of Campbell Tarr of Brooke County, Delegate, Treasurer, and Captain of the Wellsburg Guards. This photo hung on the wall of the Tarr farmhouse in Wellsburg West Virginia. Consigned by the family.

Estimate: $3000-6000 (Realized $9200 at Auction)

The auction is public and open to all interested. More information on the Robert E. Lee Signed Matthew Brady Photograph can be found at the May 29th, 2015 Auction Details Page.

Along with the Lee photo, the auction offers 500 lots of Militaria & Firearms, with a concentration on Civil War, WWI, and WWII.

Considering selling firearms or militaria? Contact Centurion Auctions for a complimentary evaluation. Centurion is a national leader in the acquisition, marketing and sale of firearms and military collectibles / artifacts. Whether you are selling a large collection or a single piece. We offer the best commission rates in the industry, excellent service, guaranteed price results and an unparalleled  marketing and sales platform. Submit your inquiry online today.

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