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Lifelong Military Collectibles & Firearm Collection of “Big” Al Torgan Sells With Centurion

Al Torgan Lifelong Military Collection To Sell At Auction

The Military Collectibles and Firearm Collection of Al Torgan is set to sell with Centurion. Al's collection spans a lifetime, and includes primarily Revolutionary War, Civil War, World War 1, World War II and Vietnam War Militaria and Firearms. The collection is diverse, with all many types of swords, bayonets, daggers, helmets, visors, cloth, uniforms, medals, awards, patches, pins, rifles, pistols, revolvers, percussion, ammunition, documents and reference material. Much of the collection has not been seen in the market for more than 30 years. We are excited and privileged to bring this collection to market.

Al Torgan, known to most as “Big Al” because of his large 6’ 5” stature and his even larger happy and outgoing personality, began collecting early, at the age of 15 and his insatiable thirst for history only grew with time.

After graduating from the University of Rhode Island, where he was All-State for both Shot and Discus, Al became a commissioned Officer in the U.S. Navy.

His first tour was in Virginia where he served aboard the USS Rankin AKA-103. Following his service on the Rankin, Al was transferred to Great Lakes Training Center, just outside Chicago, where he served as Special Services Officer. Al completed his active duty service in 1967, as a Lieutenant Junior Grade. The time he spent in the Navy left Al with many wonderful memories. He never missed the opportunity to share stories with anyone having a military background.

His true passion was hunting for military collectibles and firearms. On many evenings and weekends Al would have been found at any one of a number of auctions, adding to his collection. Beyond the purchase, he always liked to know the backstory of the individual behind any named item he bought, so he spent an enormous amount of time researching and documenting his collection. Al believed in the importance of knowing the history, hardship and experiences of the military service members to whom the items in his collection once belonged. He had the utmost respect for all those who fought to protect our country and the grueling endeavors they experienced. Understanding the personal history of items in his collection was his way of breathing the life and story back in to what would otherwise just be a piece of military memorabilia.

Because of Al’s wealth of knowledge, he became a reliable source of information for many local auction houses and collectors. Most friends found that a simple conversation with Al about his avocation would take them captivating journeys through military history.

Enjoy Al’s collection as much as he did and you will find something that will remind you of lives lost, battles won and freedoms protected.

He is truly missed by so many who loved him.

Centurion Auctions is privileged to bring the Al Torgan collection to auction. It spans primarily Civil War through Modern Day and includes all areas of collecting.
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