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Ford Motor Company Experimental Model 8 Military Helmet

Ford Motor Company Experimental Model 8 Military Helmet

The Ford Motor Company Model 8 Helmet is an experimental military helmet produced for the US Government in 1918. Ford only manufactured about 1300 of this rare experimental military helmet. This helmet carries a rather unique appearance, having a moving metal visor which would cover the face. The interior of the helmet featured a three pad liner system. 

Centurion Auctions will offer one of the Rare Ford Motor Company Experimental Model 8 Helmets in its March 18th, 2015 Militaria & Firearm Auction.

Lot 11141 | WWI US FORD EXPERIMENTAL HELMET MODEL 8 One of 1300 made by the Ford Motor Company in November 1918 for the US Government. Era / Conflict: WWI Country: US Size: 13.5X10"

This desirable military helmet would make a great additon to any headgear collection. Bidding on the helmet is open to everyone. Bidders may participate by Floor, Live Telephone, Absentee or Internet Bidding Venues. Visit our March 18th, 2015 auction page for more details.

Centurion Auctions is a national leader in the acquisition, valuation, marketing, and sale of militaria & firearms.

Photos of the WWI Ford Motor Company Model 8 Helmet:

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